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Trinity 2024 Photo Orders Opt Out Form

Please complete the form below to Opt Out. A copy of your request will be sent to the email address entered below.
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- Portrait packages including Year and House are $40
- Year 12 panoramic is $40 (and only available to year 12 students)
- Sports and Co curricular are $20 each
- Most students will be in only 1 Winter and 1 Summer photo but may be in a few Music or Co curricular
- All costs include freight to your home address.

Select No Photos

I would like NO photos of anything my son appears in 2024

If you are happy to receive everything your child appears in for 2024, you do not need to complete this form.

OR Select one or more of the following (you may choose more than 1)

I would like his portrait package with House and Year
View Portrait Package inclusions

I would like his panoramic year 12 photograph & special year 12 photos like Prefects, Kindy-year 12 etc

I would like his Summer Sports photo

I would like his Winter Sports photo

I would like his Music, Co curricular and Cadets photos.

You can complete this form for more than one son. Please list sons's names and Years in the fields below.

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All information is kept strictly confidential and will not be available to any third party.

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